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Brenda R

By August 28, 2021No Comments

It was a few weeks away from my 14 days of vacation and I had done nothing but choose the destination (Maui) and book the flights. I had numerous deadlines for work and was starting to panic. A friend recommended that I try Barraca travels. I was reluctant to use a travel agency. Based on my previous experience, you end up taking a vacation filled with arrangements and activities based on what’s most profitable for the agency and not what you truly want. Not good! But, since I was running out of time, I called Jayme. Jayme arranged one of the best vacations of my life! (I am 56 and well traveled.) She ask all the right questions to get to determine the activity level and personalities of everyone in my party. She suggested activities that were good for both the kids and the adults. We all came home feeling invigorated and relaxed. How is that even possible?! It was a totally satisfying experience. And, best of all, I didn’t feel like I was working with a sales person, more like a trusted friend. One last comment, I was impressed with the great deals that she found for us as well. When we tried to plan things for ourselves, we would miss discounts and money saving opportunities such as choosing companies that allowed children to participate for free. Jayme really showed her worth when she was able to secure us rental cars after we’d been told there were none available on the island. I would highly recommend Barraca travels. I may never book my own vacation again! Why not skip the headaches and start relaxing before your vacation begins?!

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